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Jeni Rusa creator and Designer of FORELSKET Bridal did not just want to create a Bridal boutique store; but is a sanctuary where dreams materialize, and love stories unfold in the delicate stitches of bespoke bridal couture. Jeni wanted to create a beautiful space where her clients could come explore, relax and find that one of a kind wedding dress. She wanted her boutique to be a place where dreams come true and her clients feel like they are in a place to discover that one of a kind dress fitting experience. Forelsket sole mission is to create an experience for each and every client that will last forever. Finding that perfect bridal dress should be an exciting and enjoyable experience and an opportunity to bring all the brides closet family and friends together to love, laugh, explore and select that perfect dress that will be a memory that lasts forever. We’ll ask about your wedding vision and what style of dress you’re looking for. You’ll then have the opportunity to browse our wide selection of dresses in our showroom. Our expert designers will help you to pick out the perfect bridal dress for what you envision and make sure you love the dress and it’s a perfect fit.

The Designer

A Visionary in Bridal Couture Jeni Rusa, the creative force behind FORELSKET, embodies a lifelong passion for bridal dress design that has blossomed into a distinctive brand synonymous with elegance, craftsmanship, and individual expression. The name “FORELSKET,” derived from Danish, translates to “falling in love,” capturing the essence of romance and commitment that Jeni infuses into each creation. From the inception of her career, Jeni has been captivated by the artistry of crafting one-of-a-kind bridal dresses, where dreams are meticulously woven into every stitch and embellishment. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, she has fostered collaborative partnerships with esteemed bridal dress designers in the fashion capitals of Paris, Italy, and other European design hubs. FORELSKET, beyond being a mere name, encapsulates the brand’s philosophy — a belief that the journey toward a lifelong commitment begins with a dress that mirrors the unique love story it accompanies. The store stands as a sanctuary for brides seeking an unparalleled experience in bridal fashion, where each gown is not merely an ensemble but a personalized masterpiece. The curated collection at FORELSKET reflects a fusion of classic elegance and modern trends, drawing inspiration from the romantic allure of Parisian streets, the timeless sophistication of Italian traditions, and the avant-garde creativity found across Europe.


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